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Who Is Tyler Pauley? The Young Artist is A Rising Star in the Music Industry

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Tyler Pauley also known as ProdbyPauley is an upcoming artist from Atlanta, Ga. He is a very young artist, at the age of 20 he has had quite the roar for his name in the music industry.
Tyler Pauley dedicates his time to critiquing his work and releasing it on all platforms such as Spotify, Apple music and many more platforms where he can express his creativity. Taking the big leap Tyler has taken to make his name known in the music industry is very challenging considering the path to success is not the easiest.

We were fortunate enough to come across Tyler Pauley on his climb up the charts, the talent and potential we have seen from this young individual makes us more and more interested in speaking with him throughout his journey. The passion we see within Tyler and his career is incredible, It’s only a matter of time before he is the next artist to inspire others as much as some of the greatest artists to live.

We see many different success stories within the music world and many unique individuals but with Tyler we feel the energy from him more than ever. He is young, driven and determined to be on top so he can give back to the youth and help them with their goals. Not only is ProdbyPauley a dedicated artists but he is all about giving back to his friends, family and his fans. We were told by some close friends of Pauley that for his first show he gave his closest friends backstage passes giving them the opportunity to meet some other great artist. 

Not only that but we asked Tyler for more info on the event and he also mentioned he gave away free front row passes to a handful of his fans giving them an unforgettable experience. As we now know ProdbyPauley is more than just a great artist but a great person when he is not in the studio or working on stage.

 For those of you that may have not came across his work he has well established himself and image on social media. Raking in almost One Million followers as well as almost 100k on instagram. He started building his audience and mastering his craft back in 2016 so he definitely knows what direction he is headed in. With his two platforms growing as much as they have it has had a major impact and boost to his music career. Tyler has always worked with a positive mindset and says that if you want to get anything accomplished to “Put your head down, stay silent and work hard every day.” For more of Tyler check out his 

Instagram – @iamtylerpauley