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TobiasEats : How This Lifestyle Show Helped Revitalize Food Businesses Amid Pandemic

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The restaurant industry was greatly affected by the pandemic. Many were forced to close down their doors because of the lack of customers and the need to follow government protocols regarding their operations. Upon seeing this, Herbert Christopher Tobias knew that he had to do something to address the problem. Not one to merely stand on the sidelines, Tobias created a show that would revitalize the restaurants in his locality: TobiasEats.

Herbert Christopher Tobias, better known as TobiasEats, came up with the concept of his show amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He saw how his friends, who owned restaurants, food trucks, and other food-based local businesses, had to close their doors due to the global health crisis. As his show gained traction on Apple TV, TobiasEats was able to help local restaurants stay afloat by inviting esteemed guests on his show for an interview while enjoying a feast of the restaurants’ amazing food.

“I think we can all agree that life after the pandemic isn’t exactly the easiest, especially if you are running or starting a business. After watching some of my friends close their restaurants and change their whole way of life. Well, I had an idea. I had been a guest commentator on TMZ and worked with Sony The Orchard in the past for music. I had some connections in the entertainment industry and made a phone call. I pitched an idea to Robert D Schwartz, who is an industry producer for a handful of tv networks and told him about my idea to bring/interview celebrities at local family owned restaurants. Create a win-win situation where we promote these restaurants while having alcohol companies sponsor and receive endorsements from Entertainment Figures. After a couple of shoots and finally fine tuning the show. Boom! We have TobiasEats now on Apple TV & Roku,” Tobias stated.

How is TobiasEats the TV Show filmed?

“Well, it ain’t easy but, man, we put on a killer show that requires a full crew. Golden Jones Video Productions (Kevin Nulty & Sean Bell) brings together restaurant cinematographers, Chris Mertz from MSG to do the live audio and we have 1-2 production assistants at all times. After I saw the first episode finished I looked at the crew and said, ‘Alright, squad, I think we got ourselves a show!’” Tobias stated.

How do you select the restaurants you are gonna work with?

“We do have requirements for the restaurants we work with. At this stage of the game, we need sponsors to pay for the show to be made. So we do require a bar of some sort because we never charge the restaurants directly. That’s the opposite of what we are trying to do. I am also famous for going to a spot that has reached out beforehand and testing out the food. I’ll never talk bad about anyone but if your food is fire. Obviously I’m gonna wanna do it!” Tobias stated.

How is your company TobiasEats helping restaurants thrive?

“We come in, shoot the show and bring the clout. Now, I always say I’m not famous, but the people I hang out with are! Of course, we blast it across all platforms, social media and so will our guests! But more importantly than that, we have our SEO team work with them (the restaurants) to make sure everything is on point. A lot of times the food is not the problem. But just like the music industry. You could have the best song in the world, if people haven’t heard it, then how can it ever have the opportunity to be the best. If you work with our team, they’ll put you in front of everyone,” Tobias stated.

How can someone get featured on TobiasEats and leverage it to grow their business?

“There are many benefits to having your restaurant featured on the show. First, it gives you the digital pivot a lot of restaurants have made to come out on top during a time where the world has changed. Second, imagine out of all the viewers watching we get just 500 customers to walk in and spend $20. That’s 10K for the business just like that. If you wanna come on, send an email! Meet with my team of restaurant videographers, listen/learn to what we say when it comes to marketing, and together, we’ll absolutely kill it!” Tobias stated.

In five years, TobiasEats aims to bring his show into larger platforms such as the Food Network and Netflix, helping business owners not only within his community but across the United States. The host is thrilled to continually scale his “Reality Restaurant Concept,” proving that entertainment can be an avenue for creating an economic and social impact.

To learn more about TobiasEats, visit his website.