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Tavia TV – You Might Wanna Watch This Hulu Edition

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While Hulu strives to keep up with Netflix, here are two shows that caught my attention:

1. Dopesick

This Hulu drama takes a stab at the opioid epidemic that continues to affect millions today. Michael Keaton plays a family physician that has the best of intentions. With nearly 100,000 deaths per year, this drug continues to be the first line of defense for anyone citing pain despite the addiction that may follow. What I like most about the series is it holds nothing back and it is very honest and real. Dopesick also talks about the monetary benefits that pharmaceutical companies get from pushing OxyContin on patients. I think this is important to watch with your family especially teenagers to understand the results of drug use.

2. Our Kind Of People

It wasn’t after I started to watch the show that I realized it’s originally a Fox show. Yaya DaCosta, the beautiful woman that most of us first saw her on America’s Next Top Model, appears with everyone’s favorite male lead Morris Chestnut and acting legend Debbi Morgan. Her character Angela Vaughn has finally made it with her haircare line and she returns to where her mother grew up with her aunt and child in tow. Only to find that the money she has doesn’t cut it amongst the generational wealth that exists around her.

Both shows will be sure to entertain you and make you wish the episodes were endless. Make sure you check out my next edition of what you might wanna watch!



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