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Charlie Boy Carter ft Skooly- “Big Dog”

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Charlie Boy Carter is a hot rising hip hop artist born in Chicago, IL and raised in Cedar Rapids, IA . He’s building a solid brand in the music industry by candidly flowing over tough beats, linking with heavy hitters along his pathway to create hits, and delivering fresh vibes to fans around the world. The messages that he communicates on the mic is simple: to capitalize on the inner hustler, grind hard, and remain unstoppable on the quest to attain goals. His newest single featuring Skooly is titled “Big Dog” and is released on all streaming platforms. Originally donning his skills as a dancer, Charlie Boy Carter became used to working any stage and all audiences since he was tenderaged, eventually taking gigs as a backup dancer during his teenage years. He eventually stepped up to the microphone while spending time with a friend who was mature and served as a mentor. After having artistry and rhythm instilled and refined within, being in the midst of good company empowered another form of artistry to be born within and expressed to listeners everywhere. Though he has always had a love for lyricism, Charlie Boy Carter has just reached a decade of making mesmerizing music. He writes with integrity, poetically penning raw accounts of his journey. “What’s in you is already in you and no one can take that away,” he bluntly exclaimed as encouragement for listeners to be and value the most authentic version of themselves. His genuineness regarding daily trials and foundational moments combined with his raw talent sets him apart from other artists. This also gives him an advantageous edge within the industry as a real, relatable person who has versatile talents; as opposed to the typical, incomprehensible performer.

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