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YoungKing YoungScoop Teams Up with Coalition DJ’s

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Detroit, Rock City, Motown.. Has forever been considered a key Midwest tastemaker hub for music, fashion and culture; having given us many great rap stars such as Eminem, Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9 and legendary fashion like Al Wissam and Cartier sunglasses – it’s just proven, if it’s stamped by Detroit, it’s certified!

Our latest find happens to be out of Detroit, Rapper, YoungKing YoungScoop, who exploded onto the scene in 2020 after his second mixtape “Antidote” boasted multiple songs that would land in rotation across the United States and Canada. Scoop would also be selected by Budweiser as Detroit’s next music star over thousands of talented artists. Scoop’s unique mix of melodic vocals, ability to rap in different octaves and one of a kind pockets make him stand out from most artists we’ve heard from Detroit, making him rap fans and personally one of our favorite rising artists .

So how’s an artist like Scoop with such a different sound been able to catch the attention of thousands and end up on every major label’s radar? Simple – You have to be certified and to be certified in Detroit means you’re certified everywhere! According to Scoop, a huge part of it is contributed to his relationship with The Coalition DJ,s.

In a city like Detroit, similar to Atlanta, the talent pool is deep and new rappers and fire music are discovered every day. In order to make your way to the top, you have to have a relationship with the Dj’s. The Detroit Coalition DJ’s led by chapter president, DJ Mark G, were some of the first Dj’s to embrace Scoop, Scoop stated to us when we had an opportunity to speak with him earlier this week.

During our conversation with Scoop we couldn’t help but ask how he linked up with the legendary Coalition DJ’s in the first place. For those who may not be aware, The Coalition Dj’s have chapters in every major market in the nation and are responsible for breaking numerous billboard top 100 records. Scoop had this to say “During the pandemic me and my brother, Elev8ted Juice, really used the time to level up our network. We decided to meet with Coalition Detroit because in our city they are real gatekeepers! We played a few records from my “Antidote” project and I was embraced for my unique sound and talent . From there we went on to meet with every chapter across the country receiving the same embrace . I contribute a lot of the success in the markets I’ve been able to hit and fans I’ve gained to just the power of being stamped by The Coalition Dj’s.”

With Help of Coalition Djs like Sussex Smooth , DJ Eriies ,DJ Culinary and other Detroit chapter members, Scoop’s Single “Rake It Up” from the “Antidote” project became a strip club and radio favorite in Detroit ! With Other chapters also pushing it from Carolina to Dallas it just became a smash nationwide !

YoungKing YoungScoop is one of our favorites, you practically cannot walk around the office these days without hearing one of his records. So it’s definitely safe to say that whatever him and his team is doing is working ! We’re excited to follow his journey and cover him along his already historic rise.