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Nandis Wrld Shocks the World With Debut Album, “Now or Never”

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Born Fernando Daniel Colon in Reading, Pennsylvania, he found an interest in hip hop from an early age. Sifting through countless hours of music from the lyricist, Nas, Fernando was amazed at his level of storytelling and ability to create vivid images of his experiences with dope lyricism. Inspired, Fernando adopted the alias, Nandis Wrld to create music that reflected the experiences lived through his everyday life and interactions. These stories in his music involved making it out of the streets, to racing and becoming a rising star in the music industry.

In pursuit of expanding his career, Nandis Wrld moved to Florida where he worked as an A/V Tech. This phase of life molded him into a better artist and performer. While building stages at concerts for mainstream acts, Nandis Wrld soaked up every performance and learned. He took every lesson and converted it into his own path to greatness. What he became, was an artist who was versatile over any beat or genre, able to experiment with new sounds, flows, and melodies that gave new meaning to hip hop, trap, and drill. His unique style brought him many accolades. His song “Fly away” was featured on the #1 Orlando rap and R&B radio station, 98.5 The Wire. Later becoming part of a music group, they released a single that landed #42 on the melon charts in South Korea. Nandis Wrld was achieving his dreams and his name was gaining the recognition he deserved. His face began showing up with major artists as seen in Yelawolf’s music video “Rowdy Boy” featuring MGK, where Nandis Wrld is living his best life crowd surfing like a rockstar.

Nandis Wrld was finding success, but his potential was still held back by work, friends, relationships, and hurdles through life. Shedding every string slowing him down, Nandis Wrld moved back to his hometown ready to release his debut album. After warming fans with multiple singles, he finished up refining his album at vault 531 studios where he was an audio engineer. On November 6th the world got his full-length debut, “Now or Never.” Nandis Wrld waited 7 years to release this body of work when the time was right, and the time was now. His name held weight, his fanbase steadily increasing, he’s free from the chains of his past, Nandis Wrld is ready to prove just how monumental an artist he truly is. “Now or Never” is a symbol of seizing his moment to shine. The project is an open book of emotions that detail everything he’s been through over the years that led up to where he now stands and where he is headed. Nandis Wrld took the time to perfect his debut and it was well worth the wait.

“Now or Never” is closing off 2021 on a high note for hip hop. Nandis Wrld did his thing, and this isn’t even the end, just the start. Stream his debut project, “Now or Never” and see why the industry is raving about the talent that is, Nandis Wrld.