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Tavia TV – You Might Wanna Watch This Netflix Edition

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As the clock gave us back an hour, there is more time in the day to settle in and unwind with a much needed series or movie. Here are 2 things that found its way on my television screen courtesy of Netflix  and my opinion on why you should watch it:

  1. Colin in Black and White

Adorned in all black and his infamous fro, Colin Kaepernick unpacks his life through various scenarios he encountered being raised by white adoptive parents. From the braids he longed for and ultimately gave up to the racism he faced traveling with his baseball team, Colin clearly paints the picture of what it was like feeling like he was being wronged but convinced by his parents that the oppression he faced was just. Although there were moments when he parents attempted to support him, ultimately Colin was forced to conform with what his society wanted. With the first season out, it will help give you some insight as to why he ultimately took that knee on the field.

2. The Harder They Fall

The Quentin Tarantino movie that Quentin might have always wanted to make but didn’t. Part of me thinks that Jay Z stumbled on director Jeymes Samuel’s They Die By Dawn and figured he could make it better. Honestly, I think he succeeded. I will say the moment you see Cherokee Bill and Trudy Smith walking past the train apart of me smiled when I saw C. A. Boseman. You guessed it Chadwick Boseman. While the movie is fictitious, the characters are real people. Some where disappointed by seeing a light skinned woman casted to play Stagecoach Mary. But one things for certain, Regina King needs to be casted in more action movies because she made me believe every minute she held that gun.




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