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Santa Your Way – The Ultimate Family Christmas Event

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The “Santa Your Way” event is a holiday event specialising in holiday-themed family portraits and Santa photos, as well as providing a fun-filled day for all the family – it is the perfect way to brighten up and embrace the holiday season. What’s more, the event hosts the first and only natural bearded black Santa of Long Island! The event was started and organised by Philana Aiken of Phenomenal Reflections in October 2020, with the aim of brightening up what was a very difficult holiday season for many families. This year she wishes to celebrate the fact that we are able to do so much more this holiday season, meaning that the event will be even more special this time around!

Philana is a passionate and hard-working photographer who loves what she does, and as a black female businesswoman is enthusiastic about her craft as well as encapsulating special memories – which is what “Santa Your Way is all about. She built her photography business, Phenomenal Reflections. entirely by herself and has gained success through connecting with those she is photographing and focusing on the needs of her clients. “Santa Your Way” is about bringing families together over fun and laughter during the holiday season, and that is exactly what it does.

This year, the popular event makes a return between November 21st and December 24th, so you have time to make sure that you and your family are able to enjoy this truly special festive experience.

Do the kids want to meet Santa this Christmas? This year they have the chance to! The Santa events will be divided into two kinds of amazing Santa experiences, where you can choose between Santa Columbus, available every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, or The Grinch, available between Mondays and Thursdays. These fun family events will be held between 10am and 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and between 12pm and 8pm throughout the week.

“Santa Your Way” is also proud to be hosting a unique Christmas pop-up shop and musical experience, hosted exclusively on November 20th between 4 and 10pm. The event will be featuring the only natural bearded black Santa of Long Island as well as the Grinch, and there will be countless other fun experiences such as photos, performances, food and drinks available too. The event will take part in Brooklyn’s Social Market and is the only one of its kind taking place.

Come along to this year’s event and join the fun!

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