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Rising Music Artist Joe Perk to Release New Single on November 21 with a Bang

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Emerging music artist Joe Perk is set to release his latest single, “Summer Walker,” on November 21, 2021, and he is doing it in a way that most hip-hop fans do not expect. Instead of having a grand party and an explosive media event to introduce himself and his brand of hip-hop music, he is giving away 100 turkeys on the 24th to the community of Greenville, NC, at the Greenville Theater Arts Center. He is also doing a toy drive from November to December 11 to give to children for Christmas, made possible through his collaboration with several influencers, including Funny Marco, Ad dolphin, and Dr. Catrise Austin. Joe was able to build relationships  with them simply through bringing value to their conversations and being his most authentic self.

Born Joseph Perkins, Joe is based in Brooklyn, New York, which exposed him to a diverse music culture that was instrumental in creating his personal style and gift. Apart from hip-hop, he also has the potential to excel in R&B and pop music. Prior to launching his career, he served in the military in 2012 and worked at several fast-food companies to help his parents pay the bills. As a New Yorker, Joe learned the dynamics of hustling early on, understanding that hard work is necessary in order to succeed at anything. After some time, Joe established his own company called MEffort, a platform that will allow him to journey towards success through music and fashion.

Joe draws inspiration from the most important people in his life and even the experiences in his childhood that shaped who he has become today. He sees himself doing more with the gift he has been given to serve as a positive example to others around him.

“God motivated me, my childhood memories of my parents not being able to get me and my siblings things we needed,” Joe shared. “I want to teach my kids financial freedom through doing something that they love. The times when I had to sleep in my car motivated me. I won’t go back to that. I know a lot of people are watching my process, so nobody can’t say I don’t deserve to make it to the top,” he added. 

The future is promised to no one, but Joe is committed to doing what it takes to see his dreams come to fruition. He intends to work hard enough to merit a Grammy nomination someday for his contributions to hip-hip and win. He envisions himself becoming an influential person in the industry, powerful enough to steer hip-hop towards a brighter and more promising future. Constantly elevating his music to provide music fans with excellent songs is one of his main commitments as a music artist. 

As people look at his life, Joe hopes that they see someone they can emulate, someone who can teach them the value of going through life’s process as part of growth and maturity. Every experience is an opportunity to live and learn, and he hopes that more and more people will make the most of their time to become a better version of themselves despite the challenges. As part of his personal advocacy, Joe hopes to teach others through his craft the importance of mental health, which starts with self-love. 

Find out more about Joe Perk by visiting this site. Subscribe to his Spotify account to listen to his music.