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King Taper Says, He’s “The Dopest Ni$$a On The Internet”

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On Halloween at 5:55am King Taper dropped his latest single and video for “THE DOPEST”, exclusively on Apple Music and Youtube (46k+ views).  

King Taper is back with his head-banging new single “THE DOPEST”. On this stuttering masterpiece, King Taper delivers cocky bars like, “I DO DOPE SHIT PERIOD!”, breaking algorithms with his intellect and how blessed he is, over this melodically eerie track produced by Atlanta’s Farro Jarro. The “Terrific.” and “I WANT DRAKE SPOT.” rapper talks his talk with a piercing lyrical delivery.  The St. Louis born retired celebrity barber impresses us with very true to life anecdotal lines like, “Most people really could care less bout how you really doin, They just bein noisey on the internet its f*ckin stupid…”  

On “THE DOPEST”, King Taper talks as if he’s hacking his way into the rap game. He brags of seeing synchronized numbers as signs of upcoming successes and loving his lifestyle. Literally saying, “You don’t like it get yo Sh*t in check.”