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A Minor Hospitalized After Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival, While 8 People Are Killed

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The youngest patient confirmed by PEOPLE was transported to a nearby hospital is 10 years old. More than 300 people were reported injured and 25 of them were hospitalized. The minor is reported to be in critical condition and many are wondering how these chain of events took place. At about 9:15pm, 50,000 fans began to rush the stage. This resulted in many people getting trampled. Chief Troy Dinner of the Houston Police Department held a press conference earlier today stating, “One of the narratives was that some individuals was injecting people with drugs.”, noting a security officer who passed out after feeling what he thought was a needle in his neck.

Eight people with age ranges from 14 to 27, perished in the midst of the concert with the music continued blaring and many with no clue as to what was actually going on. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo is calling for an independent investigation hoping to get insight on how this tragedy could have been prevented. Concertgoer Billy Nasser told CNN,”The barricade couldn’t accommodate all the people that were there. They were too small. It was a death trap, basically.”

Travis took to Twitter to advise how devastating this situation is and sent prayers to the families of all that were impacted. He reiterated his commitment to working together with the Houston community to invoke healing and support. Before these horrors occurred, Scott was promoting his new track called Escape Plan. The irony is if only his festival had had a better one, these needless deaths wouldn’t have happen.



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