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Tavia TV – The Return Of Issa Rae

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Despite the noise or maybe distraction of Team Lawrence, I have always been Team Issa. For the last five seasons, we’ve bared beautiful sculpted men, trendy clothes, amazing sex scenes and deep rooted girl talk that it is not just relatable but literally send the shade room into a questionnaire frenzy. While Issa has reminded us time and time again why we should always root for whoever’s black, I can’t help but wonder how predictable these last episodes will be. I mean no matter what the trivia, Issa and Lawrence appear meant to be but life keeps getting in the way. But if Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade can survive a break baby, why can’t Issa and Lawrence? If love is indeed blind, why can’t Issa seem to see past Lawrence’s baggage if he’s truly the person she wants. While the AKAs are still pissed with Amanda Seales’ character Tiffany about wearing their letters, most of us are focused on how Molly can’t keep a man or maintain her friendship with Issa. The bigger picture is how has Issa been able to survive in LA with little to no money. Yet everyone around her is successful. It’s still not really clear how much she even made from the block party.

Only time will tell but it’s quite evident that Issa and Lawrence will never be done with each other until ultimately, Issa is done. The song and dance has become evident and somewhat disappointing. Especially after their mind-blowing sit down, where they finally were upfront and honest about what they felt. Insecure is coming to a close because it needs too. Not because Issa Rae has nothing to say but clearly none of us can stand another drawn out season of this relationship charade.

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