Get the Strap


Wheeling’s superstar JoshfromYNC finds new talent to work with , rap artist Jaysuavemusic is the new wave putting on for OHIO’s music scene.

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Juston Vetter got started in the rap game at just a young age by writing music playing the drums he first got his big break by doing shows for joshfromync showing him his raw unique talent then came up with the idea blow these racks the Akron Ohio crooner teamed up with joshfromync to create this smash hit that’s going to be premiering on BET MTV jams this artist is definitely going to be taking over the rap game in the future. @jaysuavemusic1

Joshua Heatherington known as JoshfromYNC is a Wheeling WV icon of the Hiphop scene showing he can do it all. His rapping got him where he’s at in his career, Josh said he would love to start his own label soon called YNC Records and would love to look for new talent to join his team. He’s success isn’t to brag it’s to motivate thoses around him and he wants to see him succeed. Blow theses racks came about jay wanting to do a song with YNC so JoshfromYNC came up with the hook and laid his verse down. Jay is on the first verse bringing such a unique style to it and the book master Heatherington bodies it to make it a HIT record . They have been getting a lot of momentum on this record getting support from the djs and fans . This music video will be on
bet jamz next month so be on the look out for it. @joshfromYNC