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DJ Beyond Wins the Urban Mixx Award for Best Blend DJ in New York City!

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The nightlife of New York City is well known to party-goers all over the world. The powers that run the show all year round are DJs like Damian Perez who goes by the name DJ Beyond. He has been widely acknowledged for his skill and won the award for Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards! DJ Beyond did not settle on one path and just follow it but developed himself in all directions. The DJ has used his skills and the reputation of his company to work with major artists such as Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Sean Paul, and Cardi B. All this led him to have partnerships with brands such as Pepsi, Marriott Hotels, Presidente Beer, and many more. What makes this DJ different from the rest is that he has not let any of this change him. He has increased his humility and aims to give back the most to the community he grew up in. DJ Beyond was fortunate enough to find a like-minded friend who would help him achieve his goals. His high school friend, DJ Rest, teamed up with him to form BeyondRest Entertainment. They were covering all types of events and provided every service/ It ranged from lighting, music, to stage setups. This was a great opportunity for Damian Perez Jr. because he was already fond of performing on stage but now he got to take hold of how things work on the back end. He found out what were the needs of both party throwers and party-goers. It helped him not only in his DJ’ing but also in his entrepreneurial career.

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