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George Pareti and his Influences in the Music Industry

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Growing up in Chicago, George Pareti constantly saw the way the music industry was growing and how big it has become to this day. After watching all his friends create music, he decided in the middle of the worldwide pandemic that he could take the time to try music out and see what happens. After falling in love with the abilities he had, George decided this was something he wanted to do more often and wanted to dedicate his time to working on. George says he has many artists that he looks up to, however he tends to focus more on the artists who create the hype about themselves, for themselves. When discussing the specifics George says someone he really looks up to is Cole Bennett. He says that he is a big inspiration as he grew up near Chicago, started his own brand and believed in himself every step of the way. When looking at the entrepreneurial side of things, George says that Cole is someone he hopes to become like one day. As far as collaborations for George Pareti, he says that there is not a specific artist that we would like to collaborate with, however if he did have to pick one in the mainstream industry it would be The Kid Laroi. George says it can be easy to lose yourself sometimes within the industry, and one thing that has always helped him stay sane is the way that he continues to stay grounded by telling himself to stay true to who he is and to do what makes you happy. You can find George on social media and follow along as he continues to grow his own personal brand.