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I’m gonna say this Once. Verzuz is about hits. Your TOP 20 Hits. Those Songs that brings forth a nostalgia that lifts you from your seat and reminds of a time that song shaped your mood. It reminds us why we love an artist. While other artists have chosen this time to try to prove to us why they’re here, if 50 Cent decided to participate in Verzuz that lesson wouldn’t be needed because he never left. “In The Club” was released in 2003 and still it remains the only way to announce that “It’s Your Birthday”. With 30 weeks on the charts, Beyonce couldn’t take the attention off the track. Many Men might have wished death upon him but every thug sings it to the top of their lungs every time the beat drops. Even Pop Smoke’s rendition of the hit reminds us that not everyone makes it to the other side and lives. Hate it or love it the underdogs on top and 50 clearly continues to elevate with his Green Light Gang in tow. The track even inspired the Queen of Hip Hop Soul to step in with her own rendition. Then there’s Candy Shop, Just A Lil Bit, Disco Inferno, 21 QuestionsAyo Technology, and Outta Control (Remix) with the Legendary Mobb Deep. “I Get Money” trended on the charts for 14 weeks and his signature bars created a whole new song with “Baby By Me“.

50 Told Us “If I Can’t Do It, It Can’t Be Done” and he continues to reign supreme. His “Hustler’s Ambition” took over Starz and will take over Verzuz. Not to mention, we love the cameos and when Jeremiah steps out for “Down On Me“, Snoop makes his way through for “PIMP Remix”, and Tony Yayo for “So Seductive”, there won’t be a moment when even his contender would morph back into a fan. 50 himself has said the only person that he would even compete with is Eminem. The only opponent worthy to stand against him in his eyes. Apart of me will never forget his challenge against Kanye.  Instead of “Patiently Waiting” for a Verzuz with 50 to happen, focus on not being a “Window Shopper” or “Wanksta” for the holidays. I mean this is a “Big Rich Town“!

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