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T $WIM: Upcoming Artist from Connecticut Makes a Strong Impression

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With all the musicians that come out with fresh material every day, it’s easy to drown in the noise. But some artists have a natural tendency to stand out with minimal effort. Such is the case with artist and songwriter T $WIM.

The rapper out of Connecticut first came into the scene less than a year ago. After his first track entitled “Bounce Back broke through the mess on Soundcloud, he left a mark on the scene. To date, his first song has hit 20,000 streams. But that would only be the beginning as T$WIM would later add more songs to his lineup. Those tracks would go on to gather anywhere between ten to fifty thousand streams each. However, his latest song, “T$WIM x Wasn’t Planned,” has been the game-changer, hitting 50,000 streams only after a month in the market.

With all this success, T$WIM shares that he’s only getting started. The hip-hop artist is on a mission to make a lasting impression in the music industry by delivering top-notch songs and unmistakable talent. He hopes that his journey will inspire other musicians to be authentic, sharing that that decision helps anyone stand out. He believes that everyone should embrace their uniqueness, and that’s what he does as T$WIM continues to speak his own truth.

One of T$WIM’s most enormous opportunities came after meeting famous blogger, Shawn Cotton, a month after starting in music.“ Meeting Shawn impacted me because nobody from Connecticut, where I was from at the time, ever met him,” the artist shares. “That was something that motivated me as an artist to keep going because I know people wanted to meet him just like I did but didn’t have the opportunity.”

T$WIM is widely acknowledged amongst peers for his positive energy. He loves spreading good vibes and does it best through his music. When he isn’t dropping a beat on stage or in the recording booth, he tenaciously networks with other artists and seeks out collaborations. What has motivated him by bringing his unique sound to the crowd is because he believes in it— something that many musicians often struggle with. T$WIM believes that many people’s greatest enemy is themselves. Therefore, he pushes others to battle against impostor syndrome and believe in their craft one hundred percent.

Already in the works are two mixtapes, which the rap artist hopes to release before 2021 comes to a close. He continues drawing inspiration from artists like Drake and Meek Mill while also developing an original sound. “People should work with me because I’m the new wave, I’m the new upcoming artist,” shares T $WIM.

T$WIM remains relentless in his pursuit for music greatness. He knows what it takes to get to the top and isn’t afraid to work hard to get there. He hopes to elevate to more significant heights in the coming years and share the stage with his music idols. And with his skills and work ethic, there’s no reason to believe he won’t get far.

Learn more about T$WIM by checking out his Instagram profile and Soundcloud account.