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Sadiddy Boss Breaks onto the East Coast Scene With “Trusted The Process” Mixtape

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Upper east coast rappers from New Jersey and New York have always found ways to leave their mark on the hip-hop game since the birth of the genre. Legends like Tupac Shakur and Max B have influenced generations of rappers after them, and the next up-and-coming lyricist to attribute his desire to make music to these New York staples is New Jersey hard-hitter Sadiddy Boss. Born in Wyandanch, New York, and now repping New Jersey as home, Sadiddy Boss broke onto the scene with his debut single “Gwitty (feat. Sosa Geek)”. The track was a quick and exciting introduction to the natural skills of Sadiddy Boss in terms of drawing in a listener and delivering lyrical uppercuts all the way through a song. In August of 2021, the New Jersey rapper followed up “Gwitty” with his first full-length release, his debut mixtape Trusted The Process. More of the same, in the most exciting way possible, came from Sadiddy Boss with the release of his first mixtape. Tracks like “Stay Out the Way” and “I Was Broke Back Then” display the rising rapper’s suave on the mic as he talks about his trials and tribulations while trying to make a name for himself in the music industry. With only one full-length project under his belt this far, Sadiddy Boss has set the bar of potential very high for himself as he shines through on more than one occasion throughout the 8-track duration of Trusted The Process.

Learn more about Sadiddy Boss and what he has in store by following him on Instagram, @_sadiddyboss.