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Mariah Carey Paid! Does Thanksgiving Even Exist?

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On November 1st, Mariah Carey posted a video on instagram adorned in a sultry red dress. She walks to her front door where three pumpkins sit at her door step with the words “It’s Not Time” carved respectfully within them. Mariah immediately begins smashing the pumpkins and “All I Want For Christmas” plays in the background. Now unless you’ve been under a rock, “All I Want For Christmas” released in 1994. In 2019, 25 years after it’s released, it finally topped the Billboard Hot 100 but don’t cry for Mariah who managed to earn over $75 million in royalties. No wonder the Songstress wants us to skip straight to Christmas.

The song has become a Christmas staple and literally announcing the begin of sales and starts the official countdown to the Big Day. The track grows in popularity every year and to sweeten the deal Mariah re-recorded the song with Fan Favorite Justin Bieber in 2011 for his Christmas album Under The Mistletoe. With all of the holiday classics like Boyz II Men’s Let it Snow and TLC’s Sleigh Ride, no one has reached the height of MC. Can The Queen Of Christmas ever be knocked off her throne? Time will tell but until then Thanksgiving looks more and more like the holiday the world forgot.



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