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Thisis50 sits down with Champ Kennel

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Champ Kennel was born on September 21, 1991, in Inglewood, California. He was born into a life of gang-banging and hustling. When later interviewed, Champ says at a young age, he recalls seeing shootouts and drive-bys. Drugs and guns were all around Champ growing up. At around the age of 6, Champ says that a friend of his was murdered in the neighborhood by a teenager, for his clothes and shoes. At a young age, Champ knew that this lifestyle was not meant for him. It wasn’t until teenage years when he found his calling for music.  


Since its release, “On My Grind” has become the anthem around America; the song’s production, though, had humble beginnings. At 30 years old, Inglewood-born producer Champ Kennel has quickly gone from an amateur to a highly-requested new talent. I spoke with him about his rapid rise in popularity. Our conversation has been edited for clarity and brevity.


Why did you start producing? 

As a kid, I joined the church choir that’s where I found my passion for music. I always wanted to rap and eventually hear myself on the radio. For Christmas, my uncle gifted me my first ever piano. And from that day on everything shifted. 

Who are some producers you look up to?

Murda Beatz and Wheezy

How long have you been producing for ?

I’ve been producing for over 10 years


Anything you want to tell your fans?

Album on the way, the wait is almost over!.