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Myke Freeman of Mo$t Hated Mafia LLC; From Local Promoter to Celebrity Star Promoter

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Myke Freeman, also known as Mo$t Hated, is a touring celebrity promoter and event planner based in Dayton, Ohio. Born Mykael Tartt in Chicago, IL, Myke developed a strong business mentality early on and used it to propel his very successful company Mo$t Hated Mafic LLC into the forefront of events. Myke Freeman is a Celebrity Event Planner & Promotor. If you have been to any of Myke Freeman events; you know that they are nothing short of unforgettable. Myke has hosted some of the biggest events in Ohio and has worked with other top respected promoters to hold some of the best events, & parties around. Myke Freeman attended The Wilberforce University which was the 1st private HBCU in the US. Freeman studied and obtained his bachelor’s degree in business management. When in college Myke Freeman started & founded his very successful entertainment label “Mo$t Hated Mafia LLC”. While in college Myke Freeman was known for some of the best events around. People would post to their stories days before events in anticipation and tag Myke Freeman. When the events rolled around, they were spectacular. Fans and supporters of Myke Freeman can’t seem to get enough of Myke and the energy he brings when his group Mo$t Hated Mafia LLC is hosting an event. Myke Freeman has displayed a strong work ethic and business mindset over the years. While obtaining the first private HBCU in the United States he founded his company, maintained it, while earning thousands of fans on social media at the same time. Success was not overnight for Myke Freeman as he would spend countless hours working towards his dreams of putting his company on the map while working and going to school. Myke Freeman’s story is of great courage and is motivational. No matter the obstacle Myke Freeman never gave up and now he is reaping the rewards of all the sleepless nights and long mornings needed to propel his well-known company Mo$t Hated Mafia LLC to success. Myke Freeman of Mo$t Hated Mafia throws some of the biggest parties in Ohio. Locations of parties have included various Mansions, high quality venues, and many more unforgettable places. Growing up his childhood hero was his father. Myke looked up to how his father carried himself and provided for the family. Myke lost his father and brother to cancer. This hurt Myke deeply at first but he chose to use their deaths & memory as motivation to achieve his dreams and not let it bring him down a dark path. Myke is very successful and graduated college while creating his very profitable company. Myke has been through more than most but & has never given up through it all. We can all learn a lot from his story, Never give up! Myke Freeman born Mykael Tartt, from Mo$t Hatted Mafia LLC is a pure inspiration and a prime example of what happens when you don’t give up and work hard; you always get success.


We Had The Opportunity To Speak With Myke Freeman Over The Phone:


What’s your name?

Mykael Tartt (Myke Freeman) CEO of Mo$t Hated Mafia LLC

Where are you from?

Chicago IL

When did you do?

Celebrity Promoter / event planner 

What inspires you?

Seeing the excitement & joy from people that attend my events keeps me going. AG entertainment also expires me because he is the greatest to do it.


Where can we find you mostly when you are not working?

I am in Dayton, Ohio but I’m always traveling. 


Who is your childhood hero?

My childhood hero was my father. I looked up to him because of how he carried himself and provided for his family. 

What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

Some of my biggest accomplishments is starting my own business, successfully hosting a homecoming weekend & having more than 1,000 people show up to my events.

What motivates you?

The energy from my peers & my father. 

If not events, what else would I pursue? 

Managing a record label.

How much have you grown as a promoter?

I have grown a lot. When I first started throwing events, I had few to little people come. The support was limited. Now I hit capacity at every event.  And my support is the ceiling. I’ve learned to take things day by day and keep going regardless of how a event will play out 

What is your background?

I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I grew up in a family home. My father & brother passed away due to cancer.  And that hurt me at first but now I use their deaths as motivation to become a better person .I attended Wilberforce university and Graduated with a degree in business management. 

What’s the best way for someone reading this to find you on social media, what’s your main platform?

IG: @realmykefreeman 

Twitter: @realmykefreeman

Facebook: Myke Freeman


Do you have anything to share with the fans, any hints on new projects or collaborations on the way?




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Facebook: Myke Freeman