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Eren Legend, A GQ Athlete, World Champion, Fashion Designer, Celebrity Trainer and Actor. Is There Anything He Doesn’t Do?

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A Canadian native that has blossomed onto the scene as an athlete and created a lane for himself through multiple business ventures. A world champion physique athlete, fashion designer, celebrity trainer and much more, Eren Legend has expanded his brand outside of Canada and to the United States. Most recently relocating to Los Angeles, California, Eren Legend looks to expand his ground, create more opportunities and establish his brand in the states. With a hustle and knowledge for the modern day eco system of business, marketing and the internet, Eren Legend is sure to reach even more success. From landing himself into GQ, becoming a world champion, acting in multiple films and training celebrities, Eren Legend is creating quite a name for himself.

We took some time out with Eren Legend and asked him a few questions below!

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Where is Eren Legend from?


Eren Legend was born in Ottawa Canada, he made his rise in the fitness industry as a World Champion and Internationally Published Fitness Model! He eventually took over the Fashion Industry as a Fashion Designer with his internationally received Legend.Fitted Apparel line! Eren currently lives in Los Angeles where he is taking over as a Celebrity Fitness Trainer!


Who is Eren Legend? What was it like growing up where you are from?


Eren Legend is a World Champion, Celebrity Trainer and Internationally Published Fitness Cover Model


He also is the CEO of Legend.Fitted Apparel!


Growing up in Canada Eren received a lot of positive reinforcement as he pursued his passions!


Although many challenges arose on his path he always stayed true to his integrity and has built an internationally recognized brand!


Some would say that he has the midas touch and has been able to elevate anyone he comes in contact with!


Was fitness something that you were always into growing up?


Erens oldest brother was a Registered Massage Therapist, this ignited his passion in understanding the human body from the age of 8 years old!


He has always been athletically inclined but decided to pursue his career in Fitness after dropping out of Business school in College!


He later began working at the most exclusive Health and Wellness Studio and eventually began competing in Fitness competitions and became Canadas first and only World Champion!


Initially, he was into playing hockey in a league, soccer, and also pursued boxing!


You are a Canadian world champion physique athlete. Can you talk to us about that and how it feels to represent your country?


Earning the World Champion title while the competition was being held in Canada was the greatest pride ever that Eren has ever had the opportunity of doing!


He later went on to not only be Canada’s first-ever World Champion but also became the first Canadian  Men’s Physique Athlete to compete at the Mr. Olympia Showdown in 2015!


Thereafter Eren had an opportunity to be selected to represent Canada at the Arnold Classics where he was able to secure a “first callout” position which catapulted his name even further into the international eyes!