Get the Strap


After taking a break to focus on videography, LA native Snubb Geez is back again with a new project, featuring production by Mo the producer.

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Widely respected for his video work with Smack/URL and A Geezus Piece, Snubb has shown time and time again throughout the years that he is a rapper FIRST. Fans know and respect him for the authenticity in his music, and his unwillingness to conform to the “new” sound. With influences from DMX and Joe Budden (Also featured on his 2011 release ‘Not Going To Make It’) Snubb’s sound can be best described as a rough, raw, and eager blend of the early 2000’s Golden Era rappers who paved the way.

Snubb’s videography resume includes the likes of Tay Roc, DNA, Charlie Clips, Reed Dollaz, Murda Mook, Arsonal, Serius Jones, and many more well respected battle rappers within the culture.

Stay tuned for new visuals dropping later this month

“A Geezus Piece”

Instagram: @snubbgeez