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Independent Artist HighLee Mansa Is On The Rise

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Born and raised in Savannah Georgia, independent artist HighLee Mansa comes from a gifted family and is ready to show his own gift to the world. Growing up the youngest of seven siblings, Mansa has always been musically inclined— considering his mother was a songbird and his older siblings would sing and play piano as well. This got him into creating his own poetry and rap lyrics, which soon turned into a full-blown passion.

“I’ve always known I had a passion for music but got into music and started pursuing it heavily when I got a response on Instagram from one of the most legendary Mc’s saying he liked the music he was hearing from me, and that gave me the utmost confidence/motivation to go hard on perfecting my craft and that let me know that I can do this”. Although now having this newborn confidence, HighLee Mansa emphasizes that it always hasn’t been this way.

“I would say the most challenging thing I overcame in life is getting rid of self-doubt. Doubting yourself is one of the main causes of people not being successful at accomplishing their goals or enjoying life. Self-doubt will cause you to give in when problems arise but on the other side of that problem can very much be your breakthrough. But you’ll know never know if you quit, so I no longer doubt myself, if it’s something I want to do I’m going to do it. Period.”

Follow along on HighLee Mansa’s journey as he has an album that’s in the works. He will also be doing raffles as well as giveaways for his new merchandise that just launched, so make sure to stay engaged.

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