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Shabam’s Melodic Vocals

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Shabam, originally from India, has lived in LA for the past 3 years where he has grown his passion for singing. Starting to take an interest in music at 3 years old, Shabam knew he had a natural ear for music. He began to take his ability more seriously when he found it easy to piece words together to write lyrics. Growing up in a culture where being a musician isn’t socially acceptable, he kept the drive to make his passion a success through relentless learning and experimenting with sound. Although society did not support Shabam due to his non-traditional career path, his parents supported him. They believed that following your passion and self-belief was most important in life.


Shabam is the type of artist that wakes up with the drive to start and finish a song. He’s dedicated to his music and finds time every day to perfect his craft, even with his full-time job. Basically, taking on two full-time jobs, his day job, and then creating music, Shabam makes sure he doesn’t get burnt out by finding balance in his life. He makes sure he finds time to also nourish all relationships in his life such as family and other loved ones. These moments of love and positivity are where he finds inspiration for lyrics. As a result, he sends hope, love, and happiness to his fans through his songs. As for sound, he finds himself combining the tiny details he picks up on from different types of genres to create his own sound. This attention to detail has helped drive his creativity and unique sound.


Shabam is an independent artist with one major hit called “I Bow to you” where he combines a soft melody with an acoustic guitar sound. He finds inspiration for his sound from different artists across different genres such as Prince, Freddie Mercury, Jason Mraz, and Bruno Mars. This can be seen in the wide range of pitches and harmonizations he demonstrates on his Instagram. Shabam is an artist that has a path to send hope and positivity, having growth for him and his fans in mind with every song he creates.


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