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Up And Coming Artist Gifted Expresses Deep Emotion Through Music

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Coming from a get out the mud culture environment— Gifted, also known as Gifted2016, is a Caribbean artist who grew up fighting for his rights, culture, money, and even his education throughout his lifetime. Since he was young, Gifted has always had a passion for music. He stresses how music has always been in his blood, and his passion for chords, beats, and lyrics vividly comes out through his own music as it tells a story.

Gifted currently has a song out with Arsonal called “Lonely” which speaks about growing up without a father and having to be in the streets alone. He stresses that life is what you make it, and whatever you are going through it’s how you perceive it; good or bad that’s up to you. Overcoming challenges is something everyone must go through. Gifted realizes this and sympathizes with the people through his lyrics. He states “We all have an energy that we channel. We go through so many things every second. I love to express it in my music from being pushed to the side because of the color of my skin but also experiencing prejudge from the people that were of the same pigmentation… mainly trying to rip away the only culture that I love so much to share with the world……I’m happy with all the areas that I have lived and grew up in and in true because without that I would never be able to make it out in the streets any and everywhere”.

Gifted also has a new video out right now featuring 2milly and Rackboycam, by LT visions, produced by Pkolo which also worked with DMX, P Diddy, Trey Songz, Jackie’s boy, and other Grammy-nominated individuals.

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