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Spring Urban Fest Adds Black Hawk Management Group To ATL2U Tour

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When it comes to Independent events Spring Urban Fest is arguably the best to do it in the nation. With their unique style of coordinating celebrity givebacks; kids festivals, fashion shows, indie performance showcases, food festivals, various school tours, and sporting events they have raised the bar to a new standard of what events should consist of. President Nevafailin is constantly putting together showcases and finding new talent and expanding his brand which makes “SUF” extremely hard to compete with for any event coordinating company. 

Late last week recording artist and serial entrepreneur CeoGamble announced that he was joining the tour with his latest company Black Hawk Management Group in alliance with Spring Urban Fest, Tyred Mgmt, Hitmakers Empire and Quality Control Music DJ Lil Mark. Black Hawk has a wide range of focus from advertising; branding, design, marketing, mentoring and publishing for influencers and creatives. This ultimately means these showcases will be led by a super team and widens the spotlight for many musicians seeking professional management and exposure from industry tied veterans. We look forward to see what artists will reach the spotlight on this 8 state bound Atl2U Tour. For more information and tour date and times visit follow @nevafailin @springurbanfest @ceogamble & @blackhawkmgt for live footage and content.