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Ricardo P is on Track to Takeover the Rap Game

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Richard Parker, who goes by the stage name Ricardo P, is making major headway in the music industry. Growing up in a military family he bounced back and forth between Houston, Texas and Sacramento, California. Ricardo P gravitated towards making music at the age of 12, due to his natural ability to put rhymes together so effortlessly. Intrigued by how many ways you can tell a story and express your feelings through a dope beat and well thought out lyrics, Ricardo P knew he was being called towards music.


Ricardo P draws inspiration from the likes of LL Cool J, Jay Z, Master P, and Eric Bellinger. Ricardo P focuses on producing music that not only tells his life story, but also inspires his fans to go after all they want out of life. Ricardo P is no stranger to the struggles of life and wants to be a spark of light for those going through a tough time. Despite his trials and tribulations he has been able to carve out a tremendous name for himself in the music industry that is only growing by the day. He has created songs with rap icons Scarface, Pimp C, Slim Thug, and E-40. Ricardo P has also opened shows for Trey Songs, Nas, Juvenile, and E-40.


The future looks bright for Ricardo P as he just released 2 new singles titled “No Reason” and “Clean” that are catching major attention. He is set to release the music video for “Clean” that will be released by the time of publication. Ricardo P is working hard on releasing his highly anticipated EP, which he plans to release very soon. Leading up to the release of his EP Ricardo P has confirmed that he will release more singles as the hype builds up, so be on the lookout. This is an exciting time for Ricardo P fans as he continues to mark his stamp on the music industry.


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