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Jeremiah GvG Thinks Outside the Box

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Jeremiah GvG grew up in New Jersey as a talented kid with a natural ear for music. Having lost his older brother at a young age, he finds inspiration in his loving memory of him. Keeping his brother’s passion alive, he chose to take over writing and singing music. Furthermore, being a multi-talented artist, he also is a photographer. Some of his greatest achievements in his art were shooting photos for a Juice WRLD concert as well as creating his own style of sound. Finding beauty in all forms of life for both his photography and music.


Inspired to make his own sound, he has achieved a melodic hip hop style where he perfectly balances pop and hip hop. On top of this balancing, he also has lyrics that tell a story for his fans. Through his music, he sends the message that there’s comfort in knowing everyone goes through struggles every day and not feeling alone about having a tough time in your life. Jeremiah GvG continues to think outside of the box to use his art as a form of connection with his fans.


His latest hit is “DOING GOOD” which was created by him and local producer, “LiRebaah ”, which is one of Jeremiah GvG’s favorite songs thus far in his career. Being an independent singer, Jeremiah GvG works with different producers and engineers to help mix his music and produce the sound he specifically is aiming to create. He will be an artist that will pave the way for melodic hip hop, being a face of this style of genre.


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