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Fivio Foreign – Self Made (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl

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Fivio Foreign – Self Made – Live Session | Vevo Ctrl.

“I’m ushering in a new wave,” Fivio Foreign declared a year ago. “I want everyone to start knowing my face like how they know my music.” That statement came before the fierce drill rapper delivered what’s arguably the strongest verse on Kanye’s ‘Donda’ album. Talk about manifesting your desires. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Fivio is as cool as the snowflake inked under his left eye. His face defaults to a sly grin. A self-proclaimed “laid back dude,” even his artist name was informally chosen. When his son said he looked like “Fabio,” mistakenly pronouncing it “Fivio,” daddy just rolled with it. Confident that his biggest achievements were just around the corner, last year we invited the dude to be part of DSCVR ranks last year. Good bet on our part. To put it in his words – everyone’s starting to know his face. Check this Ctrl performance of “Self Made,” and while you’re here maybe take some notes about what it takes to grind your way to the top.