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DJ/Producer LUSSO Is Storming the Club Scene With His EDM Tracks

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Rising music talents don’t have to find a label anymore to become recognized in the industry. The rising popularity of social media has become a boon to these talents who can find an audience for any creative art from any corner of the world. This has made way for a fresh crop of musicians in the industry who are fearless and experimental. They love to be unique and distinguished. DJ/Producer LUSSO is one such example. The EDM composer has become a well-known name in the clubbing scene over the last 4 years.

LUSSO is formally known as Michael Vitarelli. He is an entrepreneur by profession and a musician by passion. While he earns his living by managing his business during the day, Michael chose to pursue his passion as LUSSO by being a DJ. His love for music was initially limited to being a listener only. His interest in clubs and the electronic music played there changed his perspective about his career.

Over the years, LUSSO discovered his growing interest in electronic dance music. He started spending hours in the studio honing his craft as a musician to chase his passion. AT the beginning of this music career, LUSSO found it extremely difficult to penetrate the industry. Even with a euphonious voice and a refined sense of music, he struggled to find his audience. This made him realize that quality was not the ultimate thing when it comes to scaling up your career as a musician; persistence plays a crucial role.

LUSSO kept uploading his compositions on social media even though he did not receive any response. He used to send loads of emails to his friends and anyone he came across on social media to increase his music exposure. With time, his music started earning recognition from one listener to another, to over a million streams on Spotify. LUSSO changed his career as a musician from stuck to unstoppable. His growing popularity came from rolling out back-to-back hits that are club-focused electrifying EDM tracks.

His EP, The Rough on Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Records, reached the number 1 spot on Beatport’s Top-100 Tech-House Releases. His single “Trippin’” from the same record received 250,000 Spotify Streams and made it to Editorial Playlists Operator’s playlist. “Trippin’” was also ranked number 7 on the Label’s Top-10 Tracks on Beatport.

LUSSO’s “Rude Boy” on Tough Love’s Get Twisted Records reached the 25th spot on Beatport Genre Chart. The track was appreciated by major DJs like Calvin Harris, Mark Knight, Bob Sinclair, Kryder, and SIDEPIECE, to name a few. It also ranked 7th on the Label’s Top-10 Tracks on Beatport. His remix “Dakiti” was featured on virus XM BPM.

LUSSO is a rising music sensation on social media today. He has built several valuable connections to widen his audience base. He is enthusiastic about club gigs and loves the club culture. The feeling of performing in front of live audiences and making them move to his music enthralls LUSSO. However, he wants to continue releasing more EPs to present unique and fresh music to people. He is all set to work in the studio for hours just to reach his dream of monthly hits on Spotify. Considering his achievements so far and his willingness to work hard, it is only a matter of time before LUSSO will be among the most popular DJs and producers of house music in the US.