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If you’re looking for the highest quality when it comes to custom fine jewelry, especially your grillz, then it’s time for you to get the coldest ice in the country with Cody Kiks of the Canadian Diamond Boyz, and Gold Teeth Canada. Cody Kiks, also known as Kiks by his 50,000 Instagram followers, has been creating one of a kind custom grillz and jewelry for over 16 years. Based in Canada, Kiks, and his team, have delivered custom art pieces all across the globe. With clientele such as Machine Gun Kelly, Anderson Paak, Xzibit, Cordea, YBN Nahmir, and Almighty Jay. Cody Kiks has created an empire by providing the highest quality diamonds, craftsmanship, precious metals, grillz, one of a kind pieces, and customer service that you can get in the jewelry industry.

After attending some custom jewelry training courses 16 years ago in the Bronx, NYC, Kiks began fitting Canada’s top industry professionals, out of the ordinary citizens, and artists from the back of his truck. From building his business from the ground-up, Kiks has become a beloved and well-known celebrity jeweler. As a jeweler, he prides himself on exceeding his customer’s expectations by not only delivering hand-crafted jewelry but also creating gold and diamond works of art that become heirlooms and assets. You can find Kiks rolling out with his team of jewelers and trusted colleagues personally delivering custom work across the globe. You can also have a consultation directly from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is hit the DM’s on Instagram @kiks @goldteethcanada or go to the Canadian Diamond Boyz website and click ‘Custom Design’ > ‘Start Custom Project,’ and a designer will respond shortly to schedule your consultation.

In a world full of smoke and mirrors, Cody Kiks and the Canadian Diamond Boyz are lighting up the stage with their dedication and commitment to providing the best in the jewelry business. With a 90% return rate, Cody Kiks’ clients rarely complain, and when they do, he makes it right. Click the link to start exploring today.