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KidCaliMDMG Has Created His Own Flow And Distinct Style

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KidCaliMDMG started working on music when he was just 14. He would freestyle over beats all the time. Wherever he went to a friend’s place or parties KidCaliMDMG  ‘flowed’ his music. People around him encouraged him to keep doing it as they felt he was gifted with ‘the flow’. Today he has created his own flow and distinct style.

The artist says now his mission is to bring back the real music. He wants to serve real music with stories for the listeners. His work he says is not for money, fame or getting fans but for encouraging the belief in people that they can accomplish anything they try to. He himself gets inspired by people’s reaction to his music. If they can connect to his work, he wishes to make more of it.

KidCaliMDMG keeps releasing his music every 2-3 weeks. And every song of his is being received with great admiration. He wants to reach people with the music video continuously. People’s reaction makes him create more. He started his journey as a local artist and today has his own music brand and has worked with Ced Brown. He has achieved a lot by single mindedly working on his music and creating what people connect to.

KidCaliMDMG has reached many top online music streaming platforms from being a ‘local artist’ and it is not a small feat to achieve. The musician now plans to keep flowing and growing with his style and making deep rooted connections with people and their stories. You can follow the artist on all major social media platforms to get updates on his latest releases.