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Vianney Merian establishes himself as the top musician of the industry with his new track “Underground”

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Vianney Merian has outperformed the expectations that others had placed on him. Vianney has amassed a musical repertoire as a result of his exposure to many genres of music through musicians that perform at his events. Nobody expected him to release “Underground” and have it become the next big thing in dance music.

Vianney is a newbie to the music industry. However, his noises contradict this assertion. He has a way with music that is difficult to describe. You must listen to it in order to feel it. And once you do, you begin to view him in a new light. Then you see why people are now noticing his talents and skills.

Rumor Records assisted Vianney in producing and mastering “Underground.” They have always let the work of an artist speak for itself. They think that the emotions that an artist is attempting to convey via their music are considerably superior to all of the popular mainstream music available. Their decision has paid off, as seen by the popularity of “Underground.”

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