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Viktoria Vera’s “Camouflage” feat. Jackson Whalan is Good for the Soul (Official Video)

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A modern day R&B-soul single “Camouflage” blesses audiences with soothing vocals from Viktoria Vera, rising singer and songwriter. The pianos, snares and drums incorporated throughout the beat awakens one’s emotions. Producer Dan Searl truly creates excellence with this one.

Love being the number one emotion music expresses, it is a refreshing to listen to a single appreciating a close loved one. “Because of you I don’t need to camouflage,” the chorus repeats. Featuring artist Jackson Whalan lays down hard hitting bars.

The duo’s combination of harmonies, singing, and rap gives us 90s RnB nostalgia. Truth be told, it is a breath of fresh of air to listen to. I’m alive, baby,” she softly sings. This song takes us to that same place.

Viktoria Vera is originally from Poland but currently resides in Boston. Along with pursuing her own musical career, she is a vocal coach. Lit Honey Productions is an independent label the artist is working with, making her an all around entertainment powerhouse.

Viktoria Vera plans on releasing new projects in the coming months. She is an artist we did not know we were missing, so stay connected via Instagram and check out the official video to “Camouflage”.

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