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Seno Shares the Challenges He Faced on His Journey to Music Success

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The music industry is generally one of the most challenging sectors to break into. There are so many bottlenecks and obstacles that can derail or block an artist’s success in the field. It’s estimated that a large percentage of musicians spend years working on their brands to find their identity. You have the talent or possess all the relevant skills, but you still need the extra determination and resilience to overcome all the obstacles that may come your way. 

The truth is that everyone has their own story when it comes to their journies with unique and shared challenges. It’s always a different path with different ambitions but mostly with the same goal: to leave a mark in the music industry. The challenges can sometimes be mighty, forcing the less resilient artists to give up on their music dreams. However, only strong-willed and dedicated artists such as Seno finally get a taste of success in music. 

Seno is one of the fastest-rising music talents in the American music industry. He is famously known for his debut album, Stories From the Back, which he released in 2016. The album did exceptionally well, gaining the artist traction from different stakeholders in the industry. As a result, Seno was featured in multiple articles and publications, even though he was still in his early days in the industry. The prolific artist saw himself also perform on some of the biggest stages across the country. Seno has also been on Hulu, a leading streaming platform. 

Unfortunately, shortly after releasing the album, Seno was arrested for allegedly discharging a firearm in a public place. This serious accusation left him facing 25 to life, which placed him at a standstill musically. Placed in such a tight spot, Seno acknowledges having become an emotional wreck and taking a plea of five years, which has proved to be the best decision. He had to serve an entire year in county jail and four years on probation, after which he was free again. 

After such a long break, coming back to the music scene has proved a challenge, but he is gradually announcing his comeback. His old friend Dominic Fike from Backhouse Collective, whom he featured on his debut album, has been among the people helping him get back into the scene. Dominic’s reputation had begun to snowball, which created a buzz for Seno, putting him back on the map. 

“My good friend/manager and I, at the time, started receiving requests for meetings with A&R’s from across the map. I even had a dinner meeting with Sylvia Rhone,” says Seno.

Though Seno is yet to release a track, he assures his fanbase that he is sitting on a lot of unreleased music. He adds that he is also working on numerous other projects that he can’t wait for the world to hear. As it is widely said, good things take time, so Seno is taking his time to develop a series of one-of-a-kind releases that will dominate the airwaves.  

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