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Loua Lush shuts off the rumors and releases the new track “No Disputes”

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There is no argument that the world has been gifted with an awesome new track from Loua Lush. “No Disputes” has been doing wonders for the fame and reputation of Louise Barnard. Within a very short time the song has broken streaming records on multiple platforms. Fans are having a great time listening to this song.

Louise was already known by many across the world as a popular model. She has had the privilege to work with many top brands and see the world through travelling. She draws her inspiration for music from these experiences and creates masterpieces. She shows us how to manage a career as both a model and a musician at the same time.

“No Disputes” combines various elements to create the unique experience that its known for. Louise has worked hard on the creation of this track and her effort shines through her music. Elements of EDM and house music’s fusion can be felt throughout the song.

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