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Story of C-Mauricio, one of the nation’s rising DJ’s

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Carlos Mauricio Ordonez, known as C-Mauricio is one of the nation’s rising DJ’s and has been preparing himself for this chapter since the age of 14.

In separate time away from the craft of DJ’ing, C-Mauricio mentioned he “works with special needs and people of all abilities at Caffeine Academy in Long Island,”. The academy is a music school and media school.

But life has not always been the path to being a DJ for C-Mauricio, in his early youth he was adopted from the Honduras and that is where his name derives from. His full name, is his name he was legally known as prior to his adoption.

The DJ says his “main goal is to bring people from all walks of life together through music,” and he is doing so as he continues to shine on his social media platforms and getting sets in performances and festivals.

To keep up more with C-Mauricio, his official points of contact are listed below:

Instagram: @cmauricio.official

SoundCloud: C-Mauricio

Facebook: C-Mauricio

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