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From Boxer to Entrepreneur: Meet Jean-Pierre Kaluena

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Jean-Pierre Kaluena is a champion in the ring and outside it. Born and raised in deplorable conditions, he fought hard not only in the ring but through all the challenges life threw at him. Alongside boxing, he soon discovered a new passion in entrepreneurship.


This led to his new jewelry startup in the heart of Ireland in Dublin. His life is the paramount example of rising from the ashes to the sky.


Who is Kaluena?


Jean-Pierre Kaluena is one of the best examples of an individual who has struggled through life and stood his ground. He is a boxing champion based in Ireland and now is the proud owner of Algerund, one of the first complete black-owned jewelry stores in Dublin, Ireland. This shows how far he has come through life and how hard he is willing to work for what he wants in life. Passion for something drives an individual to reach specific goals. It was his passion that brought him to the place he is today.


Early days


Kaluena’s early days weren’t easy. The conditions he lived in are the ones people complain about and later blame if they mess up and life doesn’t turn out as expected. It is effortless to blame the circumstances and situation for one’s setbacks, but Kaluena is not one of those individuals. Regardless of the events, he didn’t let life control him; he brought the circumstances under his control and face them head on.


Kaluena grew up in a town known as Kinshasa or Kin for short in Congo, the conditions in the area were quite drastic, which could have resulted in Kaluenas downfall, but he isn’t the type to back down without even trying. The boxer/entrepreneur describes it as having a life so tough that he seriously thought he wouldn’t make it through; nonetheless, he was a born fighter and made it through to the position he is at today.




One of the significant changes that took place in his childhood was relocating to Ireland. Moving to a new home can offer a fresh start for many; many individuals have started afresh after moving to entirely different towns, cities, and even countries. Kaluena is one such example. He was further raised in Ireland, which helped him identify and visualize the life he wanted and the passions he had. There’s always a starting point for someone’s journey; for Kaluena, it’s from here.


Boxing career


The fighter’s actual boxing career started soon too, he is an Irish boxing champion, and he fought in the ring enough. However, like every great fighter, Kaluena faced some hard times. Unfortunately, due to a few injuries, he had to take a 2-year hiatus from boxing. 


Jean-Pierre is still a boxer, the 2-year break only led to the discovery of another talent; the talent of entrepreneurship. 


Entrepreneurial road


There’s an unexplained charm in doing your work. Not to be held responsible or answerable to someone. That is why the entrepreneurial world can lure many individuals. For the ones that are willing to try hard, this world can be pretty rewarding. 


If someone is pulling all-nighters and working day in day out for something, they will surely see the fruit they bear; on the other hand, without work, many potential entrepreneurs and their startups fail way before they can reach their flourishing point. But that’s not the case for Jean-Pierre Kaluena.


Kaluena is the type of person who aims at something, sticks by it, works for it, and finally achieves it too. When the injury led him out of the ring and back to his couch with practically nothing to do, he knew that he had to do something different before he could enter the ring again. 


As said, be the change you want to see in the world. The boxer finally realized that he needed to employ his energy somewhere, which led him to the entrepreneurial path.




The entrepreneurial journey led to the creation of Algerund. One of the first completely black-owned stores in Dublin. The boxer knew for sure that he had a knack for jewelry for quite some time, so the idea he worked on was starting up a jewelry store from scratch from the hard-earned money he had left. Unlike many who spend their wealth and fade into the valley of oblivion, Kaluena fought hard, not only in the ring but in life too.


Using his money to set up the store, he finally realized his dream, and he is the owner of one of the most fantastic jewelry stores in Dublin, Ireland. Algerund has been striving and standing tall for the past three years. And the service that it provides is of top-notch quality.


What does Algerund offer?


One of the biggest things involved in initiating a setup is its goals and reviews. If the company makes it through the first six months and aims at the big picture, there won’t be anything in their way. Algerund is something similar. The boxer turned entrepreneur placed his life and soul in this business, but he didn’t just treat it like a business; he contributed and nurtured it like it’s supposed to be. He has worked on quality rather than quantity, and hence it lasted three years and many more to come.


Algerund offers timeless, elegant, and unique pieces of jewelry that everyone will grow to love. The primary targeted audience is the general consumer but more directed towards hip hop retailers worldwide. The brand offers top-notch quality and fine pieces of jewelry, and the quality has kept the business alive and will continue to do so. They will undoubtedly provide the best prices for you despite the budget and price range of the customer. 


Final words


The kin born star may have had a tough childhood, but he is thriving and growing through life. Algerund provides high-quality services and aims to satisfy the client’s needs at all costs. With Algerund, you are bound to have a wonderful jewelry experience. So be sure to check out their site, place an order, and get your hands on one-of-a-kind pieces.

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