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Be at peace and rest easy when you listen to the newest release of Amr Samaha, “Rest”

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“Rest” has outperformed all expectations by breaking streaming records on all platforms. Because of this song, Amr Samaha’s name has become well-known, and his career has taken off.

Amr’s latest EP was released in 2021 and had three songs: “Running,” “Rest,” and “Reckless.” The EP’s tracks are all so well-balanced that you can’t help but listen to them again and again once you hear them.

By integrating instruments and other noises, Amr is able to produce tunes that captivate the listener’s attention and create an unforgettable experience. Amr specializes in creating EDM themed house tracks. These tracks are made so that when the listener hears them, they can dance to the music. This is exemplified by the song “Rest.”

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