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Tydre Is An Artist To Know Out Of New York As He Represents For Mount Vernon

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TYDRE is an artist to lookout for hailing from Mount Vernon, New York. Continuing to provide a breath of fresh air to New York and the hip hop scene, TYDRE has been on a roll as of late dropping new music and material. A versatile artist with a gift for lyricism, TYDRE makes sure to switch it up, stay in his own lane and create his own vibe. The NY artist caught our eye most recently after dropping his latest single “GOAT MODE” with Moe Black, Big Dilf and Arnstar that has garnered some solid attention and exposure. We took the time out of our day to tune in with TYDRE early in his career before he completely takes off, check the interview out below and get a deeper glimpse into his life.

Where did the name Tydre come from?

My parents. My two uncles on my father’s side are named Tyrone and Andre. So, my father put both together to create my middle name, Tydre. Prior, I went by the name Troubled Mal. I called myself ‘Troubled’ because I wanted to take the trouble I see around me and use that as a platform to reach out to my audience through music. I also wanted to give them a positive outlook on an otherwise bad situation, but I came to realize having the word “troubled” attached to my name did not fit the energy I wanted to create.

What do you think influenced or jump-started your career and passion for music?
My classmates planted the seed and my father watered it. It started with me freestyling during lunch. Because of the recognition I was getting from my friends, I wrote a rap to a Childish Gambino-type beat I found on YouTube. When I felt prepared enough, I rapped for my father. He was thoroughly impressed and equally confused so he told me to record it and put it on YouTube. I turned the idea down being the teenager I was, acting like parents don’t know what they are talking about; but that conversation and support from him began the journey.

How long have you been creating music?

I have been creating music since my senior year of high school, which was about eight years ago.

To all the new listeners, what are 2-3 must-listen songs from your catalog?
On my last project,” Words Mean Things” as Troubled Mal were all great tunes.

If you could describe your music in 2-3 words what would they be?
Swaggy anthem music

Who were some of your influences growing up? Musical influences?

Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, and Kendrick Lamar hands down are my biggest musical influences. It may sound like a random mix, but their lyrical capabilities, how they use their voices as an instrument to set different moods to a song have motivated me when I approach my music. Some other influences are Nas, Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Childish Gambino.

Where is Tydre from?
Money earnin’ Mount Vernon and the Boogie Down Bronx. I have lived and been raised on both sides, so I just call myself the Uptown kid haha.

What was it like growing up? Was music something that was accepted as a career path?

Well, my first God-given talent was visual art. Since I was a kid, that was my passion and love. I was in art contests and art clubs around the city until I attended the High School of Art & Design, where I found my love for music. My family is full of creatives though: my father is a senior photographer for NYC Parks, my sister is a writer and producer in the Entertainment industry, and my mom is a promoter and event organizer, so it was destined for me to tap into my creative side.

You seem to have a gift for music. Can you talk to us about your pen, your craft, and your abilities?
When it comes to my craft, I do not curse in my music. At first, I was doing it out of respect for my parents, but I’ve been doing it for so long I found fun in the ability to find new ways to not use curses or slurs. I love the quote “a man curses because he doesn’t know what to say what’s on his mind,” and I think that fits so much with music. No knock, though to anyone who does because there are songs where it just works. But because I took a different approach, a lot of opportunities have come to me, including signing a distribution deal to Clean Money Music label who fully supports my way of creating.

Your latest single “Goat Mode” is gaining some mass attention across plenty of media outlets as your song continues to grow. How does it feel to garner the attention that you are receiving?

It is still very surreal. I have full belief in every song I put out that it possibly may be the one to blow up. But to see the benefits of the hard work and dedication to create this song with Reek Rhythm, Arnstar, Moe Black and Big Dilf has been amazing to witness. I prayed and manifested when I made this song, it will be playing in the NBA and since I put it out, it has been played at numerous Nets games. That with everything else that’s been happening has been a true blessing. At this point, I’m trying to go back to back, remix coming soon.

Make sure to follow TYDRE on social media at @Tydre

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