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Artist Drawn To The Sky Releases New Single “Dopamine Death Dream”

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Dustin Gill, better known as Drawn To The Sky, grew up in a tiny town in the remote countryside of southern Minnesota and knows what it’s like to break off from his roots and pursue his ambitions. Music has always been a major part of his life for as long as he can remember, and he has always known that a full-time career in music was meant for him, despite the different routes he attempted to go down at first. Drawn To The Sky can play the guitar, sing, and produce, so there’s nothing he can’t do, and his diverse skill set has helped him succeed as an artist thus far. He recently released a new track named “Dopamine Death Dream,” and it is a must-listen.


Dopamine Death Dream” starts by discussing a truth that many young people are confronted with these days. Many individuals demand quick gratification from their phones in the current digital age and prefer to spend their time on social media rather than making genuine connections. After a distinctive guitar instrumental, the tempo changes, and Drawn To The Sky begins talking about an old love who is still on his mind and refuses to leave his archive no matter how hard he tries. He elaborates on his emotions throughout the track and helps his fans understand what they’re going through. It can be hard to find the words to describe how we all feel at times but Drawn To The Sky is helping bridge that gap with music.


Dopamine Death Dream” is a complete song from top to bottom and gives a view of the emotions Drawn To The Sky feels inside. It can be hard to open up like that and make yourself vulnerable, and his fans know this. He is creating a deeper connection than just the surface with them and is establishing a loyal fanbase in the process. Be sure to keep Drawn To The Sky on your radar. Before you know it, he’ll be climbing the ranks of the music industry to the top.

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