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Experience a psychedelic adventure through space & time in Le Sifvar’s Debut album.

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Chaotic Harmony is a meteorite that dropped out of nowhere, a buffet of emotive and animalistic energy.The breathtaking debut album from the upcoming film director Le Sifvar took him three years to make, which is testament to the richness of the narrative, the intricacy of the songs, and the depth of the themes. Originally from a Ceylon Tamil refugee family, Le Sifvar migrated from Chennai,Tamil Nadu, to Toronto, Canada. Le Sifvar’s story is brimming with chaos and harmony, and his songs create a tapestry of narrative, overlaid with interweaving harmonies and vibrant beats. Both soulful and raw, the songs draw on his Tamil ganna roots, and cover weighty themes drawn from personal experiences, to drug addiction, lucid dreaming, life as an immigrant, politics, war, heartbreak, obsession, and madness. In search of his own identity and answers to existential questions his musical journey travels through time breaking down human history and anthropology. Le Sifvar presents these ideas combined with the rawness in expression with melodic interludes that brilliantly capture the juxtaposition of chaos and harmony.

Standout tracks include “Rage of Aries,” which is inspired by Homer’s Iliad, and addresses the causes and effects of an unethical war from the perspective of Ares, the Greek god of courage and war; “Wild Thing,” which deals with an extravagant power drive that unleashes an outburst of animalistic energy, and “J.O.I.222,” which imagines the evolution of pleasure in the futuristic world. Chaotic Harmony is the perfect mirror for the unpredictable and uncertainty of time. Whether Le Sifvar’s a villain, a demon, or a deity, it’s clear that he’s crafted the album from the fragments of his soul.

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Credit Writer: Thomas Ellison (MPhil)

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