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NeemTheGreat Shares New Video “Rollin”

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The emerging artist ; NTG is back with another visual from his recent LP titled Sunset in LA 2 which has been receiving such a good response from the fans across the globe. Track nine titled “Rollin” is the song that NTG & Philadelphia’s hottest camera man JT Wit The Cam collaborated on. Together, they deliver a trippy visual that speaks on being under the influence. 

“I usually don’t make full length songs in regards to drugs but I have mentioned it in a few of my records. In this song here , I said the first words that came to my head in the studio session. Even though it flowed so well I was hesitant about releasing the song because I was giving the green light to doing drugs. Liquor and weed being mentioned in the song wasn’t the part that I was hesitant about. It was more about the Molly and “dirty soda” which is also known as lean. Those two are a little stronger to the consumer and you have to be careful when you’re putting these things in your body. As an upcoming artist in the game I feel responsible because we’ve lost a lot of rappers due to drugs and being under the influence”

Neem continues to say that he can’t wait to perform this song because he knows the lyrics, bounce and the bass do this record will resonate so well to the crowd at the shows. It’s a very catchy song that people can one hundred percent relate too. 

This video is very different from NTG’s other videos he released. This music video showcases inner feelings and trippy movements on the screen. The video was inspired by A$ap Rocky’s music video titled “L$D”.  Neem says he wanted to show more of an artsy side to him and he can’t wait to record the next music video from the album. 


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