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L-da Wild’s “Have Mercy” Is Finally Here

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After several months of L-da Wild dropping hints on her social profiles of what’s to come, her new record is finally here. Wild shares with us her newest inspirational anthem, “Have Mercy”, after over a year since her last release. “Have Mercy” is a heartfelt and soulful record complemented with some pop-styled beats to truly bring the instrumentation to life. L-da’s natural talent is at the forefront of this track, leaving listeners asking for more.

When asked what her favourite lyrics on this record are, L-da shared “‘You gotta build your walls when the going gets tough and tear them right back down when life gives you love.’ Those words are basically the whole song summed up into one line. Life can make us so hard, so tainted. But in order to love, you have to be soft. So life is really just this crazy balance of being tough when it’s necessary, but being soft when it’s time.” Wild never fails to deliver such powerful lyrics that can truly help her fans on their own personal journeys. L-da describes this record as “the song that gave me the strength to be soft again, following events in my life that made me so hard”.

As always, this single was fully written by Wild herself. She not only takes credit for the writing, but the production as well. L-da works from her home studio, in Niagara Falls, Canada, where all the magic happens. Apart from the beautiful violin stylings of Richard Vagner, Wild also played the remainder of the instrumentation for this record herself.

Following the release of “Have Mercy”, L-da will also share with us a music video produced by Tyler Lord, her creative director. Tyler focuses on an organic representation of who L-da really is in this captivation performance of the single.

More music is set to follow the release of “Have Mercy”.

Artwork by Shane Ramos

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