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Rising Rap star ED DE6D Drops a New Dope Single, “Pink and Red”

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Edward Robertson, whose stage name is ED DE6D, is a highly talented music artist from Daytona Beach Florida with roots in Brooklyn, NY.  This young artist is genuinely making the most out of his passion by making high-taste rap music. He got into the music industry at sixteen and started recording his own music just a few years later.


“I started writing to find a way to vent out my anger and depression,” This allowed the upcoming artist to find fun in the music genre and he started playing with it more.

ED DE6D’s biggest music idol is Jay-Z, “He was the first rapper I ever heard, my brother played Dirt Off My Shoulders for me when I was just 8 and from there on I was hooked on Hip Hop.”


But the thing that influenced ED DE6D the most to pursue hip hop was the love for the genre he gained over the years.


ED DE6D’s music is versatile, authentic, and his latest release “Pink and Red” is a high-energy record based on a codeine-themed drinking experience. “It’s a very laid back track for people to smoke too, it’s almost a blend between Lo-Fi and Trap”.


His latest music video BITCOIN, which was released at the end of the summer has already gained incredible attention online with nearly 50k views on YouTube!


You can also connect with ED DE6D on his Instagram: @edde6d

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