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Rising Artist, Mr. Red Carpet Is Taking the Music Industry by Storm

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Fayetteville, NC native Mr. Red Carpet is a rare gem in the music industry. Since his entrance into the music scene in 2020, he has been the center of attention as an upcoming artist. The dedication to his grind is praiseworthy and his music is ecstasy to the ear. Mr. Red Carpet has already grown into quite the star, becoming an artist able to move crowds with his high energy performances and influence the sound of the streets.

The release of his “Stamped And Sealed” EP captivated fans in 2020 and his grind hasn’t slowed since. Propelling off his momentum and buzz, Mr. Red Carpet went on to drop his hit viral single, “Japanese Stick.” Over the catchy beat, Mr. Red Carpet brings the heat with bars like “I ran up a bag in jail, they wanted me bad to fail. I had to run’em down with the stick, he ain’t have a chance to tell…When you talk to me, talk with respect. This Japanese Stick leave a mess….” The song is like an anthem for the trenches and is only one of many tracks proving Mr. Red Carpet’s doubters wrong.

With his growing popularity, Mr. Red Carpet continues to break new ground. He has recently toured with Ugly Money Neichi after winning their Ugly Money Showcase. From there, his talent won him the Moss Fest in Tampa, Florida and the I Wanna Tour showcase in Fayetteville, NC. Most notably was his victory after beating 500 artists to win Memphis rap star, MoneyBagg Yo’s, Breadgang Tour Talent Search.

Mr. Red Carpet is moving to the top with the swiftness, holding nothing back. His new EP, “Japanese Stick” released on all streaming platforms, was inspired by his smash hit, and brings the same intensity and vibe that has made Mr. Red Carpet an artist on the rise to the top.

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