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ZakG Offers Up New Single “Friends”

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Coming from humble beginnings and watching his parents struggle to make ends meet, ZakG is an up-and-coming artist who is looking to change the status quo and make sure his family never has to deal with that. Looking ahead at his career in music, he has big aspirations and the work ethic to match and turn his dreams into a reality. ZakG has been doubling down on his craft lately and knows that if he continues to give it his all, his big break will soon present itself. He recently offered up his latest single “Friends” and it’s a hit.


Speaking on what it is like to have people try and reenter your life when they see you’ve become successful, ZakG’s “Friends” does a perfect job of illustrating the story. He knows that a lot of people in this industry and life, in general, can be extremely fake and he needs to protect himself and his energy from that. He notes that he doesn’t need new friends as he has his people who’ve been there for him, and that’s how it is going to be.


Friends” is a great single from the young artist and is gaining attention from big-time players in the industry. If he continues to release songs like this one, there is no telling how far he could take his career. Be on the lookout for ZakG as it is far from the last time, you’ll be hearing his name.


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