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Start dancing and feel the groove as you listen to Cole Sidner’s new track “Groove”

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Ever wanted to feel the thrill of a party from the comfort of your own home? Cole Sidner’s new single “Groove” sets the mood for dancing and partying no matter where it’s played. As the name suggests, the song is actually groovy and funky which has attracted the attention of fans.

“Groove” is a different take on house music. It gets you dancing whilst preserving its musical identity. It’s not another run of the mill EDM track. It is different from most tracks out there. And that is one of the reasons why it has set Cole apart from the competition.

Cole has worked with Rumor Records to produce this track. They have done an outstanding job on “Groove”. Aside from that they have also helped produce Cole’s first ever EP and two other songs. This collaboration was a match made in heaven as it gave us such fascinating music to enjoy.

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