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Munday Martin Has Created a Hit With “Silver Lining”

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Originally from Stamford, Connecticut but now calling Nashville, Tennessee home is artist Munday Martin who has had anything but a common journey to get to where he is today. After being involved heavily in music as a child, Martin got wrapped up in the wrong things and found himself battling addiction in his older years. Bouncing back from his rough patch, Martin is using his experiences with addiction and giving an inside look at it through his music. He recently released his song “Silver Lining” and it touches on this subject perfectly.


Silver Lining” gets into Munday Martin’s addictions and how he has battled back from them and formed a better connection with God. This song looks on the bright side of things and emphasizes the need to find the silver lining in all of your struggles. Martin knows what it is like to be at your lowest point and never wants anyone else to feel like that. This latest single does just that and much more as Martin delivers a powerful message through his lyrics. 


Silver Lining” is a must-listen for anyone who is going through something or has battled that feeling in the past. It will leave you feeling a sense of clarity and give you a new way to look at things. Be sure to tap in with Munday Martin as he has plenty more songs like this on the way.


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